The situation

DMCC is a local Free Zone and real estate developer that wants to sell unique and high-end properties in the Free Zone and Dubai property markets. They recognized that online marketing was essential but had no idea how to beat the competitors.

Before working with Enlmtd Group, the DMCC team developed an SEO and paid advertising strategy focusing on high-volume free zone and property-specific keywords like “Property in Dubai” and “Dubai Free Zone.”

With some search volumes as low as 300,000, attracting many visitors to the website to influence the business was complex.

After six months of conversion costs going up, they realized that to keep up with the big players, they would need expert management of their organic search and paid ad campaigns.

The solution

The most important things to do to improve the user experience were to finish redesigning the website and re-architect the content strategy. The website’s content has been changed to make it more attractive to the people it’s meant for.

The SEO team started working right away to make the DMCC website as search-friendly as possible. They rewrote the meta titles and meta descriptions and changed all the content to make sure that the targeted keywords were used correctly.

A large-scale effort to build links and place content was also started to get high-quality links from authoritative websites.

Our PPC team started reorganizing the Google AdWords account right away. They created clear campaigns and ad groups that mainly focused on product lines and eliminated keywords that weren’t working.

Next, ad copies were improved and the right ad extensions were added to all ad campaigns to increase click-through rates, ad rank, and click costs while lowering click costs per click.

The results

Our on-site and off-site SEO optimization efforts significantly impacted the website’s organic rankings. Within just 6 months, 1,712 of their top 2,000 keywords were pushed onto Page 1 of Google SERPs, with 82% of keywords in an average position of 6 or better.
  • Cost-per-Click decreased by 55%
  • Total conversions increased by 208%
  • 38% increase in page views
  • Avg. session duration increased to 170%
  • 80% decrease in bounce rate


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