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Great marketing keeps your customer engaged and can set your brand apart. Our strategies help companies accelerate their growth through inbound marketing, sales, and customer success.


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Email marketing management

Enlmtd Group collaborates with your in-house team to develop an effective email marketing strategy
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Connect with different audiences

One of the many benefits of using B2C and B2B email marketing is hyper-personalized communication.

Traditional marketing methods focus on delivering the same messages to a larger scope of audience and email marketing enables you to send personalized messages, offer discount codes, and campaigns that are data-driven based on criteria such as customer lifetime value (CLV), regions, and personal events like birthdays.

This way you are able to reach your audiences with a personal touch.

Test our email campaigning strategies

A major benefit of email campaign services is that you get to test how your marketing efforts are performing.

You can perform multivariate and A/B testing to help you examine components of your email campaign from the time sent to the subject line and the contents of the email campaign itself.

This offers you valuable insight into what you need to revise in your marketing strategy that translates into driving engagement with your email campaigns.
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Track your analytics

Email Marketing Consultants help you give valuable insight into the performance of your deployed campaigns and email marketing efforts.

Often reported metrics are click-through rates (CTRs), bounces, open rates, conversions and click rates. Experienced email marketing specialists at Enlmtd Group will decode the numbers and translate that to valuable applications.

Email marketing management

Enlmtd Group collaborates with your in-house team to develop an effective email marketing strategy

Brand guidelines and asset coordination

The key to acquiring email marketing return on investment is consistency. That is why we adhere to your brand guidelines.

As an email marketing agency, we know that you need to change your content from time to time which is why our account managers organize items that you require to develop your marketing calendar and drive brand success. This is how you know what campaigns will be deployed next.
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Campaign design and deployment

Enlmtd Group’s email marketing service providers cover everything for you from start to finish this way you do not have to worry about anything at all. Do you need a custom email newsletter service?

Our email marketing automation agency team designs newsletters and customizes emails to your specifications.

Ongoing list maintenance

Our email marketing company (Houston) not only focuses on engaging your audience but also ensures that you are segmenting unengaged contacts and targeting the right people.

As an email marketing firm, we increase engagement consistently with our ongoing list maintenance so the right message is sent to the right contact every time.

For the best health of your ESP, additional work is needed and our team works hard to include additional segmentation and revise the marketing strategy.
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Email newsletter and blast services

Communication solutions that secure more customers
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Tailored email campaigns

Our email marketing services (Houston) ensure that we manage the targeted email marketing campaign aligned with your marketing goals.

So if you are looking for a simple newsletter plan deployment, Enlmtd Group has covered you. Our in-house team will create RSS-to-email feeds for you, and these will send your audience all the updates from your blog.

We also make complex automation with conditional follow-up emails.

Email newsletter list management

We work closely with your brand or company to ensure that your email newsletter list grows steadily.

Experts at our email marketing consulting services will optimize your site and that will encourage email newsletter sign ups which will result in a good sending reputation with all the mailbox providers.
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Campaign tracking and recommendations

Most email companies fail because they launch email marketing campaigns and don’t track the results. At Enlmtd Group, we will provide you with the best of email marketing services (Houston).

Our email marketing consultants will use the email blast software to A/B test your email newsletter designs, track your campaign performance and identify issues. But our job doesn’t stop there. We will also provide actionable recommendations to improve your email marketing in your preferred niches.

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Multivariate and A/B campaign testing

As an email marketing company (Houston), Enlmtd Group not only creates and launches email newsletter designs but we make sure that our marketing campaign will deliver good results.

To do that we test everything from your send schedules to subject line which helps us in determining the best approach to your email marketing campaign.

We offer a comprehensive suite of email services from a combination of email marketing solutions to email blast service we got you covered.
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Detailed email marketing reports

Our email marketing agency sets up email campaigns tailored to your needs. We then manage them to give you detailed monthly customized reports on efficiency; these also include traffic referred to your website and open rates.

You can check your email campaign’s results by checking your Google Analytics dashboard. To gain a deeper insight into how your audience interacts with your website we can integrate email campaigns with google analytics.

Integrated digital marketing services

Marketers will be able to see a considerable ROI in email marketing but if you want to enjoy a higher ROI, improve accessibility, efficiency and increase your customer loyalty you will need a combination of online marketing tricks that are tailored to the needs of your brand.

We offer a variety of services other than email marketing. They include content marketing services, professional SEO services, and online reputation management (ORM).
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