Konica Minolta

The situation

Konica Minolta Middle East needed a web-based software platform so that it could make organized and interactive training materials for its internal departments and reseller partners.

When they look at available learning management systems (LMS), they are thrown off by the enormous complexity and multitude of capabilities they would never use.

The primary purpose of the web portal is to walk staff and reseller partners through a series of introductory courses while keeping track of their progress without giving them grades.

The solution

Enlmtd Group developed the partner portal and training system based on the client’s specifications.

The team began preparing the project after obtaining the designs. So, we went with a custom build using Ruby on Rails for the back end and ReactJS for the front end.

The following were the system’s primary assumptions:
  • Intuitive admin interface for organizing courses and specific parts of training
  • Multiple user access tiers are offered, ranging from global admins through staff monitoring their members’ training to individual workers partaking in training
  • Specific admin dashboard for managers to see all their staff going through the training and their actual progress
  • Managers’ admin dashboard to track all of their partners’ training progress
  • Training questions and quizzes of many forms are totally customizable and customized


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