Malala Fund

The situation

She needed to own the conversation—she needed to hold the discussion because her 2015 documentary, He Named Me Malala, only garnered 1.5% of online conversions about her, including the Malala Fund.

This had to change if she was to complete her objective.

And to make Malala Fund the generation’s voice and raise awareness of Malala’s cause by encouraging individuals and educators to affect change.

The solution

We looked at all of Malala Fund’s old content and only kept what would bring people from social media channels around the world to the site.

Our content marketing strategy is based on giving short, easy-to-read insights into the industry that help subscribers get the most out of the least amount of information.

We also made sure to include important contact design elements that encourage people to get in touch with Malala Fund to find out more.
  • Content for a global audience
  • Topics that are planned to coincide with pertinent occurrences
  • Audience were informed about all of the benefits offered by the Malala Fund
  • An adaptable site design was implemented so visitors and subscribers could easily engage on desktops, tablets, and smartphones


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Increase in
Organic Impressions


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