The situation

Meritopay is a registered Worldpay ISO partner for the Texas area. It serves retail and corporate businesses as their trusted and sought-after payment processing solutions provider.

MeritoPay wants to use shared ethnicity and community ties as a competitive edge to take advantage of the booming South Asian retail market in the area. In addition, their target market was small and medium-sized new and existing businesses in Texas.
  • To position MeritoPay as a leading payment processing brand where users can find comprehensive service and extraordinary customer experience
  • To increase inbound and outbound visibility and awareness to attract small-mid size businesses
  • To engage in effective online marketing, and market development activities

The solution

Enlmtd Group was hired to help position its brand and paid marketing needs. They wanted to reach more people in the region by creating a new brand identity and spending more money on paid advertising.

We helped Meritopay embrace the spirit of discovery and give its customers a chance to learn more. We provided basic SEO optimization and managed their social media. We also made their website and wrote helpful blog posts for the Meritopay company.

The results

Meritopay increased revenue generation through digital marketing in the Greater Houston area by collaborating with Enlmtd Group and leveraging its innovative approach to quality- and deal-based ad optimization.

The following were the outcomes of their PPC ad campaigns over the first six months:
  • Reduction in Lead Generation Expenses by 64%
  • Boost in leads by 70%
  • Demand Qualifying Leads Up by 110%
  • Possibilities created up to 55%
  • Return on investment for advertising of 517%


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Website Design



Increase in
monthly sales


New subscribers
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