Rethinking Consulting

The situation

Rethinking Consulting Services wanted to change its website and brand identity, which was a big project, so that its regional and global brand would be more consistent and it could reach its audiences more effectively. The RTCS team worked with Enlmtd Group’s marketing and web development teams to develop a new plan for

The RTCS team had big plans to update the business’s brand image, including the logo design and website. A dramatic shift in the website’s messaging strategy was required to transform it from a catalog of business solutions into a hub for clients looking for answers to problems they were facing in their companies. The site also required a modern look and feel that worked well on mobile devices. Maintenance of the site was also a top concern that needed to be addressed.

They wanted their brand to communicate a clear message to those looking into their solutions, cutting-edge technologies, industries, and consulting specialties.

The solution

We created a brand around cybersecurity, focusing our efforts on encouraging businesses to take charge of their data security as early as possible. Enlmtd Group rebranded the logo, making it both simple and classic.


To help reach their goals with the site’s potential, the Enlmtd Group team wants to build and design the site using customized WordPress.

After doing a complete redesign and paying close attention to what their website visitors wanted, we got rid of the long, static content and put in smaller pieces of content and design.

The results

With its new website, RTCS can publish the content it needs for its content marketing strategy more easily, track and connect users’ online and offline activities, and make it easier for site visitors to talk to each other.
  • Powerful and Bold Brand Statement
  • Beautiful website and increased conversions
  • SEO-optimized website for search marketing
  • Lead-generating website
  • 30% growth in the social media following
  • 64% growth in website traffic


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Website Design



Increase in
Organic Impressions


Ranking Keywords
in 6 months


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