Content Marketing for Lawyers

chapter content marketing for lawyers
As content marketing is a broad topic, we’ll give you an overview of what it entails before diving into how to develop your marketing plan assisting SEO for law firms. Websites, blogs, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, social media, and press releases are critical components of online marketing. We’ll go over these essentials in more depth below.
chapter seo for lawyers guide

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SEO For Lawyers

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Google Ranking Factors

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Content Marketing

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Keyword Research

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On-page SEO

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Technical SEO

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Link Building

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Site Structure

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Domain Authority 2.0

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Local SEO


At this point, everyone understands a website and how it works. Your law firm SEO and internet presence are referred to as your site.

Websites are generally packed with biographical data, practice areas, company information, resources, and methods for getting in touch with the business. The following is a list of items that all authoritative sites include:
  • Home
  • About Us
  • Practice Areas
  • Attorneys
  • Resources
  • Contact
There may be many minor modifications to those ideas. You may make the website more accessible by using phrases like “Our Firm,” “Our People,” or “Our Resources.” The Practice Areas section might be omitted if you don’t say “Practice Areas,” but instead write “Criminal Law” and then list sub-practices beneath it. In any case, an essential website is all you need.


website blog content marketing strategy
A blog is a website consisting of many short, frequently updated entries that are presented chronologically, similar to a diary. Blogs rank highly in search engine results to promote lawyer SEO marketing and make an excellent online presence for your business.

Blogs are common in the legal sector, where they’re generally focused on a particular area of law such as real estate, construction law, zoning, medical negligence, or even jury service.

Please choose a subject and write only about it. Give news, developments, case studies, problems, and theories regarding that area of expertise. Make yourself heard by saying something intriguing; you’ll get more credibility. The aim is to offer informative information to help you establish your experience.

Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization in content marketing
The objective of search engine optimization for law firms, also known as SEO for attorneys, is to have your website or blog appear on the top page of Google’s search results.

Google provides nearly all search results (90% or more). You will see an increase in queries if you rank highly on Google. You may expect a rise in your company if you rank highly in specific specialty areas with the assistance of a law firm SEO agency.

Keyword phrase research, analytics, competition analysis, website inspections, on-page optimization, off-page link building, and reporting are all part of SEO. It also involves assisting the customer in converting top rankings into actual customers by improving the website.

Pay–Per–Click Advertising

pay per click advertising ppc ads copywriting
Pay-per-Click (PPC) for law firms is a form of advertising similar to lawyer SEO. However, with PPC, you are explicitly paying (or sponsoring) an ad on Google and other search engines. You can now support a variety of ad types, including banner ads!

A primary PPC campaign consists of creating an attention-grabbing ad, setting your spending limit, establishing your geographic area restriction, establishing a budget, and inserting the keywords you wish to bid on. Simple!

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing content writing
A solid and up-to-date social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram is more important than ever for content marketing success.

Create accounts on these platforms, connect with known individuals, and start sharing exciting ideas and material to grow your following. You’ll then post intriguing concepts and material to boost your profile.

Press Releases / Newsletters / RSS

press releases and newsletters copywriting
Publicity is challenging, and it’s still an excellent approach to getting your name out there. This entails publishing a solid press release with and other online distribution platforms and seeing your name appear in search results and on various websites.

How to generate powerful law firm SEO content

generate powerful law firm seo optimized content
When you want to connect with potential clients, it’s all about warmth and competence. There is no need to be afraid to demonstrate your skills! On a technical SEO level, what you put on the internet is also crucial. You could have excellent content on your website that can improve and increase website traffic with the help of law firm SEO services to get new clients, but you may still want more.

After deciding on a content strategy, you and, perhaps, your legal SEO provider should perform a content audit to analyze your current assets and figure out how you might reorganize, reuse, enhance, add to, or even delete them.

Things you need to consider during a content audit are:

  1. Your goals and vision

What kind of phrases do you want to rank for? You’ll need web pages dedicated to these keywords to optimize your site’s position. How would you like potential clients to perceive your legal business after interacting with your content? During the following phases, defining your goals can help you determine or protect your company’s identity.

  1. Your accessibility

Ensure that your material is accessible to those who will read it; visual readability and the use of legal jargon are two factors to consider. When lawyers write their content, they frequently make this mistake.

  1. Your competition

Yes, we said it. Find a law firm with content that appeals to you and strives to improve even more. The skyscraper technique is one popular method of producing evergreen material to enhance your SEO for lawyers, as is the case with every other strategy.

  1. Your regulatory compliance

Failing to follow good company practices, such as employing shady backlinking or posting unoriginal material, puts you at risk of not only having your website downgraded but also harming your reputation.

  1. Your foundational content

The primary pages of your website should be a reflection of who you are and what you do. These are the pages that most visitors view when they come to your website via search engines or social media platforms.

  1. Your strategic content

create and post quality seo content on the website
Create and post high-quality strategic content, such as blogs, whitepapers, case studies, infographics, videos, and guest articles. This for sure assists potential customers in understanding more about your SEO services for lawyers and why they should work with you.
Long-form content is becoming an SEO success factor (notice how long this page is?); it’s vital to consider the role you want a continuing blog to play in your SEO for the lawyer.

Blogs bring new material and keywords into Google, not to mention a voice for your firm, a continuation of a discussion in your community, and even the prevention of fruitless leads.

When your core content is exciting and informative, it gives people a reason to return — not to mention; it offers Google plenty of material to grab onto so that your legal business stays current and ranked in search results.

Unfortunately, many busy attorneys neglect to write blog material regularly. It is ideal for creating and optimizing the content for your site. It should be richly informative to the user.

A content plan or strategy allows you to communicate your experiences in a purpose-driven and organized way. Many law firms, particularly those looking to improve their attorney SEO marketing, must highlight their narrow areas of expertise.

Repeating similar content is OK, but the method and keywords should vary. Selecting topics wisely, determining which will be evergreen and which would fit a specific season when certain keywords are ultra-popular, and then matching relevant keywords and phrases is an essential element of a successful blog plan.

Staying ahead of the curve in evolving data and producing material is necessary! Fortunately, we know a few folks that are fantastic at this.

Don't just evaluate the outcomes; consider the ranking content as well

consider the ranking content for google and search engines
When performing competitive analysis for searches, you’ll need to put on your detective hat and figure out why Google thinks this content is valuable. Simply looking at the results’ titles and who ranks isn’t enough. Examine the content yourself by clicking on the results. Consider:
  • What’s the length of the content?
  • Is there a video included?
  • What specific aspects will you address?
  • What is the quality of the piece?

Write High-Quality and User-Focused Content

We were wondering how to produce high-quality content that ranks higher on Google? We’ll get into it in this part.

Google E-A-T SEO:

The first pro-tip is to concentrate on eating. Regardless of the material you’re uploading, if you want to achieve a top ranking in search results, it must include three characteristics. And they’ve been given an acronym: E-A-T.

The acronym E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This is a framework utilized by Google quality reviewers to assess the usefulness of a piece of content in answering a customer’s question. There are several methods to incorporate E-A-T in your material, including:

Interested in learning more? We know the feeling. Here’s an article we think you’ll like: Google Ranking Factors For Lawyers
  • You may acquire the services of competent writers who can help you build your author brand.
  • Industry publications and blogs.
  • Get an SSL certificate to keep your visitors’ data private on the website.
  • People with different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions can offer perspectives on the same topics.
  • Balance your content with relevant information.


Readability is the subject of the following content writing advice, which will help you attract and keep more potential consumers.

Which one would you read if you had to read two articles on the same topic, but only one has headers, is free of clutter, contains short paragraphs, and includes images while the other does not? It’s easy to tell which option you’d take.

Although readability is indirectly connected to rankings, it impacts your Local SEO for lawyers.

Include LSI Keywords:

Adding numerous LSI keywords to your content is the last thing we’d like to mention. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a type of natural language processing that allows computers to understand the meaning of the text. These are essential for Google to realize you’re not just cramming keywords into your material.

This tool can help you create Long-form content that flows naturally and is logically linked to your selected keywords.

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