Best Digital Marketing Campaign Examples That Struck A Chord!


Effective and viable marketing campaigns need to engage with the right audience and inspire them to take action. With such countless rising technologies and tools accessible, businesses continuously track down better approaches to digital marketing and produce impactful and creative digital marketing campaign examples.

If your business is struggling with creating cogent marketing campaigns that have an effect, it helps get inspired by different brands doing it right.

How To Define A Digital Marketing Strategy?

The digital marketing strategy is a plan that traces how your business will accomplish its marketing objectives using online channels. This includes search and social media. Most strategy plans will sum up which online channels and digital marketing campaign plan example you will use, besides investing in these channels and methods.

An effective digital marketing campaign reaches its likely clients, affects them, and helps form a lasting connection. However, sorting out some way to make this significant connection can be a challenge. While you’re searching for motivation, it’s never a bad choice to look at probably the examples of successful digital marketing campaigns out there and perceive how they took care of business.

Here is our top pick of probably the best digital marketing campaigns, including results, the reason for them being an inspiration, and necessary action points to help you get started. This is how they have been on the right track to grab the viewers’ attention. The procedures used and what led them to be so successful.

1. Pepsi Stakes Its Spot In Store For Food Ordering.

Specific experts forecast ghost kitchens to be a $1 trillion market by the end of the ten years. Proposing brands that move almost immediately on the opportunity could receive accurate results. Pepsi took its first break at the space by opening a Pep’s Place virtual restaurant in May 2021 that asked guests to pick their favorite drink from its portfolio and afterward paired the selection with an optimal dish.

The “drink first” direct-to-consumer offering, which ran 30 days online and through third-party delivery apps, started a “Better With Pepsi” platform that has seen the soft drink advertised keep on advancing in a world progressively overwhelmed by takeout and delivery. Ahead of Memorial Day, the brand ordered a marketing blitz asserting Pepsi pairs better with burgers in a shot to chief rival Coke, which has associations with classification pioneers Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s.

Past marking a return of the brand competing that enlivened inexpensive food marketing in the pre-pandemic world, the campaign was one more sign that Pepsi sees a chance to support its positioning as changing dining propensities make more prominent adaptability.

With a ton of takeout and people bringing food home these days, we believe that there are many more drinks choices. Many people will pair the drinks with what they need and enhance their refreshment choices.

2. Dove – ‘Genuine Beauty Sketches’ Campaign

Dove’s skincare brand made a high-sway video campaign that zeroed in body inspiration and confidence.

The campaign could shoot video parts that connect with regular excellence and certainty inside ladies. We love the brand produced a strong feeling of female strengthening and drove a high flood of online commitment with over 114 million perspectives.

The digital marketing campaign was purely zeroing in on the target audience, which is quite critical. Dove has impeccably figured out how to catch most of their audience, essentially ladies, which they have done by using active topics and everyday cultural issues.

Other than how Dove is spreading trust globally, the brand uses this campaign to draw in with its audience smartly. Rather than simply putting out advertisements to advance their products, they connect with their audience and build a more grounded community. Dove is moving its clients and causing them to feel a more grounded association with the brand. The outcomes are a skincare brand that has made a more profound association with its audience, tracked down a better approach to build an online community, and created marketing campaigns that rouse and move.

3. AIRBNB – Made Possible By Hosts

After already slicing their marketing budget because of the Coronavirus pandemic, in 2020, Airbnb sent off their ‘Made Possible by Hosts’ campaign.

The campaign uses photos taken by hosts and visitors to advance the extraordinary experience offered while booking a stay with Airbnb and the great recollections that can be made with our friends and family while on vacation.

Displayed to audiences worldwide, it was the company’s first worldwide campaign in quite a while. It looked to fix the damaged relationship with many hosts because Airbnb handled the refund process earlier in 2021.

4. KICK IT OUT – Social Media Boycott

In a campaign to #stoponlineabuse, football inclusion and equality association Kick It Out adopted that toning it down would be the best strategy for online media by starting a four-day boycott.

The campaign energized sports teams and media sources to avoid posting content for four days in April 2021 to address concerns over the racial maltreatment faced by players.

The wider sporting community joined their endeavors, including many well-known sports channels, including the Premier League, Football Clubs, and individual players. Kick It Out has shown that occasionally the absence of content says just as much – while possibly not more – than content itself.

5. REDDIT – Super Bowl Advert

Last year, staying with the toning it down would be an ideal method; Reddit showed that occasionally the briefest of adverts could be the best.

The advert starts as any car commercial would, just to be hindered by a ‘glitch,’ cutting to a Reddit post, illuminating the audience that the company used their entire marketing budget to buy a five-second ad slot. The Super Bowl is unreasonably costly for anything longer – and allows every one of us to know that Reddit is where people can meet up around an idea and achieve anything before scaling back to the ‘traditional’ advert.

Obviously, the message was on the screen for such a brief time frame that the audience ran to the web to find what had occurred. This virtuoso move received Reddit’s message out to 96 million people in the most Reddit way that could be available.

6. WEETABIX AND HEINZ – A Combination Beyond Words

Back in February 2021, Weetabix collaborated with Heinz to convey a stunning tweet: “For what reason should bread have a good time, when there’s Weetabix? Serving up @HeinzUK Beanz on bix for breakfast with a twist and turn.


The tweet and photo caused the intended objection, creating a considerable measure of likes and shares. However, what truly made this campaign pop was the commitment of commonly recognized household names who raced to respond.

Weetabix showed that occasionally a funny tweet is all you want to support commitment with your image. Keeping things fun for your audience is valuable together; you light up their day, and they become bound to draw in with you… however, we’re sure that no measure of humor would get somebody to try the Weetabix and beans combination!

7. Burger King’s NFT Entry Gamifies Commitment.

Non Fungible tokens (NFTs) stood out as truly newsworthy in March 2021 after a piece of digital art sold for $69 million, touching off a whirlwind of interest around blockchain-based tech. The frenzy before long saturated the marketing scene, with big brands rapidly jumping on the bandwagon with that fad to rustle up buzz.

In September, Burger King dove into this trend with an enactment that offered value beyond simple digital art and expanded its new Keep It Real Meal campaign. The custom orders arranged by celebrity ambassadors – attached to the burger chain’s end of 120 artificial ingredients from its menu.

The QSR cooperated with NFT commercial center Sweet on a set-completion game that let clients check QR codes on meal boxes to get one of three aggregate NFT game pieces. When the complete set is collected, clients consequently get a fourth prize, which could be a 3D digital collectible, free Whopper sandwiches for a year, signed merchandise, or a call with one of the campaign’s superstar ambassadors.

Organizing the program let Burger King lift NFTs from a tech-powered stunt to a client commitment and loyalty generation tool. The chain’s gamified approach likewise assists with energizing a seriously relating customer experience when assumptions are conflicting and challenging to foresee.

By recreating the sensation of getting a child’s supper toy as a grown-up, Burger King is putting money on the passionate associations a few clients have clutched for over 60 years to step them back in.

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