3 Successful Examples Of Long-Form Content To Use In Marketing


Your content should always provide value to your readers and help them get the information they need.

This way, when people search for things like “contact us” or whatever other topic which is relevant in their industry at that moment – then your site will show up among others with similar interests.

For search engine users, a general idea is never enough. The information you want to give them should be insightful, in-depth, and well thought out with clear links that lead directly back into your website so that they can find exactly what it is about immediately or explore further on their interests.

There are different schools of thought that concern the merits of long-form content. One might say that this type of writing is too difficult for readers’ short attention spans. At the same time, another source claims that they offer genuine value and provide an enjoyable experience with every word.

There’s a continuous battle between short-form vs. long-form video content and which form generates greater traffic.

What Is Long-Form Content?

There are many different opinions regarding the description of what long-form content marketing really is. Some people think articles longer than 700 words are a classic example, while others believe that content over a 1,800-word count can be considered “long-form.”

So for our purposes today, we will refer you towards an article that falls within these guidelines and ranges anywhere between 1200 to1500 words; enough words to tell an interesting story with clear call out points about some current event or trend that affects their audience’s lives on both ends: personal experience mixed up seamlessly together alongside expert knowledge from academia. All bound together by good writing habits.

Why Does Long-Form Content Work?

We were skeptical, too, on how to write long-form content and how it works in marketing. We wrote around 1,000 words or less than average and focused heavily on SEO with keyword optimization. Still, our search traffic numbers weren’t good enough – as there were only a few direct visits instead of real brand ones, which meant user engagement metrics such as bounce rates and time spent while browsing through the website were also very low.

We used short, quick-fire pieces of informative content examples to generate more traffic and engagement, but it seems like this wasn’t cutting the mustard. As a result, we switched up our tactics and started incorporating longer articles into our strategy – with fantastic results!

Successful Examples Of Long-Form Content

If you are looking for some insight or inspiration on incorporating long-form content video in your marketing or content strategy, then look no further than the long-form examples below.

From news articles and blog posts that offer insights into topics ranging from culture shock abroad or what it was like attending college during times of social change, there’s something here and there, waiting just around every corner for you to take inspiration.


In copywriting, it is important to use an active voice. This will make your writing more effective and persuasive.

Following are three Website copywriting tips on how to use an active voice in your writing:

Tip 1: Use action verbs. Action verbs create a sense of movement and energy. They are more powerful and persuasive than passive verbs.

Tip 2: Be specific. When you are specific, you create a clear image in the reader’s mind. This makes your writing more convincing.

Tip 3: Use the pronoun “you.” Using the pronoun “you” creates a personal connection with the reader. It makes your writing more friendly and relatable.

1. Chevrolet – 100 Years Of Icons

The long-form content was so engaging that I couldn’t help but watch all the way through. It took me on an adventure through time with one of America’s most instantly recognizable brands, and their stories are fascinating!

The Chevrolet brand has been around for over 100 years and is the most iconic vehicle in history. This is the perfect example of how the automaker understands the American culture. The article features striking images showing these classic car models, including one photo from El Caminos (1948-57), Corvettes (1963), and Mastodon exclusives: 1985 – 2002 edition!

Why It Works

The example is particularly clever because not only it provides gearheads with lots of information about the specifications on each car (including horsepower, number of cylinders, etc.), but it is also reinforced by reminding people that these are Chevy’s vehicles. By taking them through all different models in their history, they appeal to consumers’ desire for reliable and stylish cars, something no other manufacturer can offer!

2. Airbnb – 2012 Annual Report

Their annual report is one of the most interesting things you will ever see. It shows how they have transformed this flat corporate collateral into something exciting and creative.

Airbnb’s annual report is a treasure-trove of data about their expansion. At first glance, the company doesn’t look like they have enough long-form content examples to fill an entire article. Still, when you dig deeper into this resourceful subject matter, you would come across many fascinating things which are instantly revealed!

The annual report for Airbnb features real stories from people who have used the service, including travelers and hosts. Audio files of these travelers told their unique journey with the cultural exchange tool embedded directly into each page, allowing you to hear first-hand accounts that make it all worthwhile and see images highlighting how their hosting has changed lives around our world forever!

  • The brand promise
  • The hero’s journey
  • The brand script
  • The offer
  • The proof points
  • The calls to action
  • The brand character

By following these elements, you can create a message that resonates with your audience and helps them find your brand in a totally new light. In addition, the Story brand framework can help you create cohesive messaging across all channels, from your website to your social media posts.

The framework is basically based on the seven key principles:

  • Clarity
  • Brevity
  • Relevance
  • Passion
  • Authority
  • Confidence
  • Urgency

Applying these principles to your writing can create a more effective and impactful message. Additionally, the Story brand framework can help you craft a more compelling story that will resonate with your readers. Using this framework and marketing copywriting tips, you can ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and relevant to your audience.

Why It Works

Brands should embrace the challenge of telling a story with insightful data. In this format, it becomes easier to get lost in all that is available and decipher what matters most when looking at an annual report, which can be difficult without visual representations like those found within Airbnb’s latest effort.

The Airbnb team knew their numbers wouldn’t be enough to convince investors. So they decided that instead of just telling them how many people were using the site and what kind of revenue it generated for its users. They wanted these figures backed up by details about individual cases where individuals’ lives had been changed because of their service, which was available through an app on mobile devices or computers.

Long-form content examples are an excellent way to expand your online presence, and they can be just as effective at reaching out to new users. We hope that you found these tips helpful with all this in mind!

3. Quick Sprout – An Ultimate Guide To Growth Hacking

In our third example of long-form content, Neil Patel and Bronson Taylor share the secrets to growth hacking. The book is a welcoming compilation that provides actionable insight for entrepreneurs looking at their own companies or even new startups, in general, to scale up as quickly and efficiently as possible!

This comprehensive and detailed eBook covers a wide range of interesting topics related to growth hacking. Divided into ten chapters, this guide offers detailed insights on how you can implement these techniques in your business for increased success!


You have a few seconds to make a good impression on your website visitors. To persuade them to stay on your site, you need to use persuasive language. Here are three online copywriting tips on how to do just that:

Following are three Website copywriting tips on how to use an active voice in your writing:

  • Use strong verbs: Action words like “discover,” “learn,” and “uncover” are more likely to engage readers than passive phrases like “information is available” or “you will find.
  • Be specific: Vague statements like “our products are the best” are not as convincing as concrete facts and figures. Be honest! Tell your readers what exactly they will get by using your product or service.
  • Use power words: Power words are words that evoke an emotional response. They can help to persuade, motivate, and influence the reader. Examples of power words include amazing, stunning, incredible, and irresistible.

Why It Works

The Patel and Bronson team decided not to use a web form for their downloadable guide. This decision made the information more accessible, an important consideration when producing informative content examples!

The guide contains a great deal of information, but there’s never any feeling that it is too much. This makes for an easy read and ensures that the readers’ attention spans are not strained through needless repetition or detail overload.

The experts behind the long-form content marketing lend it with authority, which further established them as thought leaders in their field.


You can improve your website copywriting and start converting more leads by following these tips listed by the experts in providing copywriting services in Houston.

Remember to keep your audience in mind, write catchy headlines, and edit your work before publishing. With the help of the best practices of website copywriting, you’ll be cranking out high-quality content!

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