Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out In 2023


The clock is ticking, and who knows, by the time we are done reading this blog, half of the stuff discussed here may already be outdated. Maybe I am exaggerating, but this shows you how quickly things are subject to change in the digital marketing landscape and how fast an internet marketing agency Houston needs to adapt.

The more reason you have to spend the bulk of your time not focused on tactics, hacks, and tricks but rather those proven marketing fundamentals that have stood the test of time.

But we are not talking about the past today. We are here to talk about the future, specifically the future of digital marketing and the trends you need to have at your fingertips if you want to be above the competition this year.

To have an idea about the vitality of digital marketing, let’s take a look at the cumulative level of budget spent annually on different digital tools being used by digital marketing agencies in the US to catch consumer attention:

Top Digital Marketing Trends

By observing the stats displayed, compared to the year 2021, we can see a rise in the projected budget being spent in 2023, especially the amount being invested in social media marketing services and the utilization of banners.

There should be no confusion about the potential significance of digital marketing as the level of spending is expected to increase by manifolds each year. So, it is pivotal for any company that offers digital marketing services in Houston to be abreast with the changing marketing tides.

Let’s take a look and learn some of the essential digital marketing trends taking digital media by storm in 2023:

1. Live Video Madness

For years we all knew that this was coming and any digital marketing agency can corroborate the fact that video is the future, and it’s not going to be any different in 2023. In light of recent events, this trend will take over even more rapidly than previously expected.

If you have never been a person for videos, 2020 probably turned you into one, whether you know it or not. The live phenomenon video blew up by 99% in 2020.

This happened all thanks to the global pandemic and social distancing regulations. People across the globe turned to video to stay connected.

Because of social regulations, hopping on a Zoom call became the new thing to say. We zoomed for work, we zoomed for happy hour, we zoomed on holidays, and we zoomed for everything.

As users became more accustomed to video, other forms of video communication also started to become part of the norm.

Services like TikTok, Instagram, Reels, Facebook Live, even Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn have options for live streaming.

Zoomers are loving this trend, any intelligent digital marketing agency is also taking notice. If you consider yourself a brilliant business start producing video content and see it go viral.

2. Focus On Audio Content

Did you know that there were more than 100 million Americans monthly who tuned into podcasts in 2020?

It is estimated that the number of monthly listeners will creep up to 160 million by 2024. So, if “video” is not your thing, you will be happy to know that audio content is also on the rise

Podcasting has come a long way, and these free streaming delights cover every topic that exists under the sun.

The stat shared above is a massive reminder that audio content is gaining popularity in 2023.

Even platforms like Twitter understand this, which is why there is a feature on Twitter that allows users to send audio-based Tweets.

Whether you are a frequent podcast listener, an audio message sender, or a clubhouse user, it is more certain that for any digital marketing agency, audio content has become an essential part of marketing strategy.

3. User-Generated Content

It is definitely not anything new, but just like live streaming in 2020, user-generated content marketing has skyrocketed.

More digital marketing agencies and other businesses have started relying on social media to promote their products, as we have never seen before but not the typically paid ad content.

Instead, user-generated content includes:

  • Those digital videos.
  • Question-answer databases.
  • Blogging.

They are attractive because they appear to be candid, authentic, and they are super relatable. In fact, only in the US, the share of internet users sharing posts by other users has reached 39%.

Sometimes there is an authentic influencer who has a paid partnership with a brand, and other times it’s genuine feedback from a fan of a brand. And it is totally brilliant because it works.

User-Generated Content (UGC) is the best word-of-mouth marketing strategy brands could use to their advantage. UGC relies on the principle people trust other people instead of putting trust in the brand itself from the get-go.

Even though we all expect the brand to self-promote and talk about how great and superior they are, people are all ears and more inclined to make a purchase when someone else promotes them.

There is nothing that influences buying more than a successful case study or an unboxing video, am I right?

4. Brand Activism

Consumers are more aware and more active about political, social, and environmental issues. It is no surprise to see brand activism pop-up as a trend gaining massive popularity. We live in the time of the conscious consumer.

Therefore, brands have no choice but to step up, speak up, and take responsibility.

In 2020 we saw hundreds of brands speaking up and engaging in activism, like the Nike ad supporting the “black lives matter” movement.

Or the launch of Ben & Jerry’s limited-edition flavor “Un-Fudge our Future”, putting pressure on Australian leaders to be more involved for a sustainable future.

Consumers are demanding that brands put their money where their mouth is. The audience don’t just want to buy a good product. They are attracted to products from trustworthy brands that share the same values as they do.

Brand activism has turned into much more than a rising trend or a marketing gimmick. But rather, it has grown to become an expectation to consider social ethics.

But it is essential to remember that brand activism is not just a trend you want to jump on. Consumers can see right through any fake, inauthentic effort. So, unless you follow up your supportive sentiments with actual action or investment, it’s probably best to keep quiet.

5. Branded Content

This is another video marketing trend that has been on the rise. This trend goes back to the core marketing principle that people don’t want to feel that they are being sold.

People want value, they want entertainment, and they want an experience. This is precisely what a well-done branded campaign does. It provides an enjoyable experience without overly marketing a product or a service.

The landscape has changed, and the old method of in-your-face marketing doesn’t work anymore. Branded content is successful because it can engage the audience with entertainment value, educational value, or inspirational value.

The best branded content out there is sometimes so subtle that you don’t even realize its branded content at all.

For instance, in the “Lego Movie”, the entire movie is focused on subconsciously selling you the Lego toys, and the viewers don’t even realize that because they are so captivated by the story.

6. Nostalgic Marketing

Do you ever randomly remember a commercial from the 90s, and you just can’t help singing the jingle which doesn’t get out of your head? Yes, this is nostalgia marketing in all its glory.

Nostalgic marketing takes that random feeling of yearning for the past to a whole new level for one specific purpose, bringing back fond memories and evoking a strong emotional connection with the brand.

So, the future of digital marketing is looking at the past!

Big names like Nike, Pepsi and AT&T, and Cheetos are just a few of the powerful brands focused on nostalgia marketing and are reaping the rewards for it. When the world is scary and uncertain, the solace these nostalgic ads, TV shows, and products provide is exactly what we are all looking for in 2023.

Final Thoughts

Since the pandemic, we saw a rise in internet use as consumers had to stay at home safely. In this time, the world observed industries like Netflix, Gaming, and E-commerce burst out of the classical consumer model, and being online went to another level.

And with the rise and change in how consumers now consume content. We saw a significant shift in how organizations used to execute marketing strategies. These brought new digital marketing trends and marketing techniques.

The latest digital marketing trends discussed above are slowly becoming the norm for modern-day marketing. If organizations fail to adapt, we can see them being swept away under the new digital marketing landscape.

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