Top 12 SEO Trends For Link Builders To Watch Out In 2023


We all know that SEO is something that has been around for a while. When somebody searches for something in Google, Google spits an answer back out, and SEO is how Google responds to a search. When you employ SEO for your business or hire a digital marketing agency to do that for you, it means that you can gain visibility to gain more clients and gain more traction.

Why is that important?

Because word-of-mouth referrals will only get you so far.

People go searching for what you provide, and because your SEO is done correctly on your website, people can find you quickly.

SEO strategies, when executed the right way, makes your business more visible. The more visible your business is, the more opportunity for you to make more money. The more money you make, the more space you have to make your company reach even higher heights.

The Power Of SEOs

Let’s face it. Paid advertising isn’t a guarantee that it’s going to work. We have all probably put money into Facebook Ads, Instagram marketing, and Paid Google AdWords. But the reality is that while it “may” work, one has to dump a ton of money or hire a digital marketing agency in Houston to attain the results one wants.

On the other hand, SEO is something you can put the work into, does not cost as much money, and that is an excellent return on investment in my book.

Did you know that Google currently holds approximately 91% of the total worldwide search engine market share?

Google highly depends on SEO and if Google depends on it, so does your business. SEOs just can’t be ignored in this day and age.

How Can A Digital Marketing Creative Agency Successfully Execute SEO In 2023?

This blog will touch upon some key trends and actions that a digital marketing creative agency or any other business needs to consider to achieve growth through search engine optimization:

1. Create Content Around Customer Searches

Who is your customer?

What are all the different things they search for online?

Content is most effective when created around all the things your customer searches for, especially considering their most crucial pain points. This process will set your business to show up higher in the SERPs, and you are getting the audience to click on your website. This can also be used for many different things, like capturing email addresses, organizing re-marketing lists, and so on.

2. Refresh High Performing Content

It’s essential to update your top content. This content is your most important high-volume pages that drive the most conversions every single month. Make sure that these pages are totally up to date.

After doing so, update your secondary content every quarter and then update the rest of your content on an annual basis.

The thing is, Google is constantly changing the way their algorithms work, what was most important the last year might not be as important this year. The keywords that you worked on last year might not rank as high this year.

It is better to revamp content, insert the latest high-performing keywords and give your website the chance to perform on a more optimal level.

This is a practice that goes not stop. It is something that has to be carried out after some time. When done successfully, you will continue to see extraordinary growth on your website for the content you have.

3. Maximize The Use Of Long-Form Content, Images, And Videos

For the best website visibility, you would want to have long-form content. Not just long-form content, we are talking about long-form content that has optimized images and videos.

Video is completely blowing up right now, and on the long-form content for your top keywords, you would want them to appear as hubs of content.

It’s best if your content can list all the frequently asked questions, all the most outstanding images, and all the best videos on the topic. And you have to link that all out to other areas on your website.

This way, you can have silos of content linked to your website that explain more on the topic. This aspect is vital, especially for your hottest ranking keywords.

4. Check Your Click-Through Rate

If you observe the Google search console, a detailed report shows the click-through rate metrics for different pages on your web portal.

Suppose a particular website area has a high click-through rate, that great. If any page has a low click-through rate, try to figure out what you are doing on your most successful pages that can be translated here.

5. Consider Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages is a tool that will make your website perform even faster. And this is important to make sure you have a fast page speed which is a pivotal ranking factor for Google.

Make sure that your website’s mobile pages are fast and optimized. It not only gives your website a speed boost but will also increase your traffic.

Any digital marketing creative agency would tell you that most internet searches take place through mobile phones. If your website does not function properly for mobile, you are losing a heavy chunk of internet searchers.

So, why let those audiences go away from you?   

6. Schema.Org Strategy

On every different type of website, there is a separate schema strategy that is there.

If you are an e-commerce site mark up your product pages with pricing, reviews, and shipping. If you are a local website, mark up your local runners with the exact location. If you are a general website, mark up your logo with schema. If you are a news website, mark up your website with speak-able markup.

It’s essential you define your Schema strategy for your website to incorporate all the most critical aspects to rank higher in Google.

7. Have A Linking Strategy In Place

For every different type of website or thing within your website, you should be choosing from 3-4 different strategies that will help you with linking.

There are numerous types of linking that you can do on your website, whether it’s unlinked mentions, going after awards, or promoting a piece of content. Picking an excellent linking strategy and then making sure that you are allocating a good amount of hours for linking will make you competitive in your space.

8. Heavily Rely On Social Media

It’s critical for a business to have social shares, so you need to get on social media to continue growing your social media communities and engagement.

In this day and age, one can build an entire business model off of social media marketing services. But when you get these critical social shares, your website will get indexed quickly.

Your new blog posts and new pages, if they get a lot of shares and interaction, they are going to shot straight to the top of rankings.

If your website has a page that has fallen that you shared in the past. When shared many times again, that will help rank higher and quicker. 

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9. Increase Your Brand Searches

Google has gone on record claiming that pages that get searched more and brands that get searched more often rank higher in Google. And this fact is looked at as an indicator of quality and can help your search ranking.

So, you should be doing paid media, Facebook Ads, do creative campaigns, build your brand either with your own efforts or work with a digital marketing creative agency.

Because that going to allow you to be searched more as your click through rates will significantly increase through brand recognition in the SERPs.

By doing this the right way, you are going to get more direct traffic towards your website. So, all of this comes together and leads you to higher rankings.

10. Understand BERT And E-A-T

These are two massive things you need to understand to have the best search engine optimization in place.

BERT is a new framework rolled out by Google to all of the different web pages that are being indexed. This algorithm looks at a specific type of metric and also the intent of the user. SEOs now heavily depend on the intention of the user, the actions users take on your website.

BERT software actually analyses any web page’s purpose and measures its success by observing how content on the page pulls the user to take the desired call to action.

So, make sure you check the actual intent of the user before you even make a webpage. If that is not taken care of, you could be wasting your time.

E-A-T (Expertise Authority and Trustworthiness) is critical because when you have that correct, it will allow you to rank in your competitive niches.

Any webpage’s authority and trustworthiness is measured by things like having an author bio on your page, sourcing your facts and figures, bringing credibility to your website in general.

Both of these algorithms are extremely essential for you to understand and execute perfectly in order to have website search engine credibility.

11. Consider More Videos

There’s a lot of video content that are being served inside of the Google home hub and Bing.

Video is the fastest growing and the most shared content online and people want to consume it even more. It’s highly encouraged to make videos around all of your services, top keywords and successful pages.

Videos present an excellent opportunity to educate your audience faster with the involvement of motion graphics and emotions. Videos is the best medium where business can trigger responses through multiple levels of stimuli.

12. Core Web Vitals

There is no point finding success through SEO if your website does not function properly. Google takes into consideration page speed, how quickly things load, how simple is the website to understand and much more.

Google has a new report call the “core web vitals report” and there is going to be a big Google update in the near future.

Make sure you have no usability issues in the core web vitals report. This is going to give you a huge advantage over your competition in the SERPs.

Final Thoughts

The reality is that there are a lot of different things that businesses can do with their SEO, the scope is vast and the tools are numerous. There are so many things to consider outside of the areas discussed above.

But if you go through these core SEO trends, you are going to have a lot of success with SEOs in 2023.

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